What To Put Above Toilet In Bathroom

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What To Put Above Toilet In Bathroom. They are perfect for extra toilet paper, soap, lotion, washcloths, the possibilities are endless. Behind the toilet accent wall.

20+30+ Modern Over The Toilet Storage
20+30+ Modern Over The Toilet Storage from homyracks.com

Above the toilet is a small arched mirror. Bring in additional interest to the design with uniquely shaped mirrors and a gallery wall made up of pages from an old farmer's almanac. The possibilities here are truly endless.

You Can Bring Color And Personal Style Into Your Bathroom By Hanging Art Above Your Toilet.

I love these diy hexagon shelves! Add as little or as many as you want to decorate above your toilet. Over the toilet decorating ideas with shelves.

Looking For Some Creative Ideas For What To Put Above The Toilet In Your Bathroom?

The possibilities here are truly endless. It even features a small top shelf that is excellent for displaying small decorative objects, like the succulents we see here. Behind the toilet accent wall.

A Wire Bin Hung Above The Toilet Makes It Easy For Family Members—And Guests—To Locate Tp In A Jiffy.

Over the toilet storage decor. What do you put in your over the toilet storage? Over the toilet decorating with signs & plaques.

Above The Toilet Is A Small Arched Mirror.

Over the toilet decorating using wall decor. You can install a decorative mirror above your toilet to create the illusion of a larger bathroom and reflect natural light. Here are some engaging and practical ideas:

Bring In Additional Interest To The Design With Uniquely Shaped Mirrors And A Gallery Wall Made Up Of Pages From An Old Farmer's Almanac.

If you’re anything like me, your bathroom can never have too much storage. Mirrors are an excellent option for over toilet decor as they serve a practical purpose but also add dimension and style to your space. From shelves and artwork to plants and mirrors, there's something for everyone.